Call 4 Action - Sewage Woes in Edinburg

Nancy Nadeau said she's tired of going outside and seeing standing water filled with feces.

You can see the human wastre seep out of a small tube in her neighbor's yard.

It's been making it's way to Nadeau's yard for three months now.

"We need to do something," she said.

Nadeau said she notified the owner of the building next door, but the problem is still there.

Every time the neighbor flushes, feces comes through under the fence onto the property.

Nadeau siad she's concerned for her family's safety.

Action 4 News couldn't locate the owner of the property next door, but the city of Edinburg has been contacted to take action.

The city said they sent a letter to the owner of the property.

He has seven to 10 days to respond.

If he doesn't respond by then, the city can take legal action.

The City of Edinburg said the letter went out Thursday afternoon.

They are also working with the county to set a date where they can go inspect the septic tank.