Call 4 Action - Too Many Cats at Harlingen Home?

Christine Castillo has been living in her Harlingen home on Cleveland Avenue for over 30 years.

She hasn't had any problems until about two years ago, when she claims a woman moved in, but not alone.

"My only concern is there not taken care of, no rabies, there's always fleas and poop, you can't open the windows cause it stinks.." said Christine Castillo.

The stench Christine said is coming from the house full of cats.

Her mother placed mouth balls around her own house and cayenne pepper to help rid the smell allegedly coming from next door.

And aside from that Christine's birds went missing and she thinks she knows who killed them.

She's just not sure which one of the cats did it since they have multiplied to more than a dozen now.

"She accuses the neighbors across the street that, that TMs their cats...they TMve never had a cat ever, where do you draw the line, are you my neighbor, or my neighbor with thousands of cats said Christine.

Harlingen city ordinance only allows up to three cats.

Action 4 News called animal control who said this isn't the first time the city has dealt with the cats on this propert and recovered 11 out of 13 cats just last august.

They came back this week to take three more.

"We do have citiations powers, thats an option, we ask for voluntary compliance and thats what we are seeking" said Ramiro Gonzalez Environmental Health Director.

Animal control did come back out to the house Friday afternoon.

They tell us they did hand a citation to the owner.

It'll be up to a Harlingen municipal judge on how much her fine is.