Call 4 Action - Valley man warns about water scam

There is a new scam making its way through the valley.

You never think it's going to happen to you but it does, say Michael Miloszar. It did. It happened to me.

Michael Miloszar said about two months ago a man by the name of Ronald A. Snyder came knocking on his door asking him if he wanted a water filter and softener installed.

Miloszar says the company looked reputable from its website and various catalogues.

So he thought X-Treme Water was the answer to his prayers.

You can hammer nails with our water it's so hard, said Miloszar. I had priced these and they're quite pricey. And he threw such a deal at me.

On August 8th Miloszar paid Snyder $1400.00 in full.

A few days later he says Snyder installed the kitchen filter but not the water softener for the rest of his home.

That was the last time he heard from Snyder.

Miloszar has tried calling him and writing letters but the number has been disconnected and the mail is returned to sender.

He claims he wasn't the only targeted in his neighborhood.

"Unfortunately, I checked after I gave him the money, said Miloszar. But he came in saying a border patrol agent just signed up, the fireman across the street just signed up, and I said no one's going to mess with border patrol he's law enforcement. Again I was wrong.

According to a report from the Better Business Bureau in Weslaco, Ronald Snyder has more than 31 complaints from residents in rural areas of the valley.

Besides X-Treme Water, he also uses the business name of Pure Choice Water Purification and Pure Choice Conditioned Water.

Miloszar said he would like his money back or the job completed.

He recommends that everyone check the background of every company with the Better Business Bureau, especially when a deal sounds too good to be true.

The Better Business Bureau told us the Attorney General will probably open an investigation into Ronald Snyder.

We spoke to the press office for the Attorney General.

They said per policy they do not acknowledge investigations of any kind.