Call 4 Action - Weeds take over neighboring property

A Hidalgo County family has lived next to a property with overgrown weeds for the last three years.

93-year-old Christina Vega has pulmonary problems, and she said this weedy lot in front of her home keeps fresh air from reaching her.

"It's difficult for me to breathe," she said in Spanish. "I have to see the doctor frequently."

Not only that, there are mosquitoes living in the brush and snakes.

"It's a health hazard," said her daughter Rosie Guerra.

Her daughters Maria and Rosie said who knows what other creepy crawly things could be hiding in the overgrown weeds, and they're afraid their mother will get bit or worse.

"God forbid there could be a fire," said Guerra. "It would come this way right away."

The property is on the corner of Highway 107 and Taylor Road.

The Vega family said their mother has lived here since 1985, and it's never been this bad until 3 years ago.

"I think it should be just vacant land like it was before," said Guerra.

Guerra said they've tried to find the owner of the property with no luck, and when the family has tried to contact the city and the county about the problem, Guerra said they've been told it's not in their jurisdiction.

"Regardless of who it belongs to, it needs to be taken care of," said Guerra.

Action 4 News contacted the Hidalgo County Health Department, and they confirmed that the property is in their jurisdiction.

They promised to send someone to inspect the area.

The Vega family said an inspector called them after Action 4 News contacted the county, but no one has gone to inspect the property yet.