Call 4 Action - Woman claims moving company did not keep their end of deal

Longtime Harlingen resident Bridgette White is planning to move to Minnesota soon.

To move her belongings north, White contracted colonial Van Lines, a company her fiance found online.

White said she arranged the move with company representatives located in the Houston area over the phone, since there is no office in the Rio Grande Valley.

After paying several thousand dollars in fees, things were set for moving day last Thursday. But white said things didn't turn-out as planned.

"I would never thought - they told me they were going to send a 45-foot (moving truck) to come to pick-up my stuff, White said. It was just maybe 31 or 35 feet - it was kind of small.

White claims the moving company sent a smaller moving truck than what was agreed on, and that it was already carrying items from another customer.

White tells Action 4 News, the movers told her the $15,000 furniture she wanted to ship, would not fit in the moving truck. White said she immediately called the company.

"They said they couldn't help me (and) that I needed a wait ticket," White said.

White said the movers took her boxed-up belongings, while she continued calling Colonial Van Lines for answers.

"They asked me to call every hour and I did, I was (so frustrated that I even) called every 15 minutes, White said. Finally, one girl called me back Friday afternoon, and said if I wanted to move my furniture they (could) send another truck, but (they were) going to charge like a brand new moving."

Action 4 News contacted the company Sunday.

A spokesperson told Action 4 News that in any situation, the company does its best to resolve any issues they have with a customer.

On Monday, a representative for Colonial Van Lines called Action 4 News, and although didn TMt want to be identified, he did state the company would refund all of White's money, and return her belongings.

White tells Action 4 News, she's happy with the resolve, and that it was a lesson learned.

"Use your local moving (company), at least if you have anything, anything wrong, (you can) stop, (and) at least you can go and (resolve) the problem (in person)."

The moving company Colonial Van Lines has agreed to give Bridgette White of Harlingen a full refund of her money.They will also be returning all of the furniture they were transporting.In a statement, they said the problem stemmed from a sectional sofa that did not fit into the truck and said it was mischaracterized.