Call 4 Action - Woman upset over Elsa water tower flooding her yard

Water on the street and puddles in the yard are not usually something those living in the Valley complain about"but for Notie Saenz and her family it has become a problem.

It TMs flooding my yard and the back yard where my dogs stay, Saenz told Action 4 News.

Saenz said the source of her problem is the Elsa water tower that sits right next to her home.

The tower has been throwing water for years, but it seems to be getting worse, Saenz said.

It never flooded my backyard but this weekend it was overflowing out there.

Saenz said she has called the city about the problem in the past but has gotten a less than impressive response.

I wait outside for two or three hours and no one shows up.

It TMs like they don TMt have any regard for what I TMm calling for, Saenz said.

Action 4 News did contact the City of Elsa to get a comment---but unfortunately they were closed because of Veteran TMs Day.

Action 4 News will try them again on Monday.