Call 4 Action " Boca Chica Beach Needs Clean Up

Boca Chica Beach is a far way from Ohio, that's why when Nelda Hopkins and her husband arrived; she said they expected to find a beautiful beach.

However, Hopkins said Boca Chica is anything but beautiful - and it's not what she expected from the Lone Star State.

"Being in the state of Texas, I just feel they can do a better job," Hopkins said

Hopkins said Boca Chica Beach is dirty, sometimes smells and her number one complaint is that there are no restrooms.

Hopkins said that means a trip to the dunes.

"There are no facilities and us as older folks we need places for restrooms, Hopkins said.

Cameron County Parks Director Javier Mendez said Boca Chica Beach belongs to the Texas General Land Office.

Cameron County's role is to upkeep the beach.

Mendez said the clean-ups are seasonal and said the county has suggested building a pavilion, first aid station and restrooms - but he said people were not fond of the idea.

"People don TMt want improvements out there, Mendez said, they just want to keep it pristine - I guess to keep from more people going out there."

Mendez said the plans are ready to go, the land is available to lease from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

The only issue remaining, Mendez said, would be securing funds to maintain the restrooms built on Boca Chica Beach.

Hopkins said Porto potties would be a start and she said it would even attract more winter Texans and visitors to the beach.

After listening to the concerns, Mendez said it's an issue the county will revisit soon.