Call 4 Action " Home Renter Nightmare

A home renter is calling 4 Action saying enough is enough.

Alexander Petelay says she and her family moved to Mercedes from Houston so she could receive medical treatment.

Petelay who suffers from Fibromyalgia was looking to find a temporary home.

She found that home and paid 2,500 dollars up front for rent.

She's only been living in the home a week, but Petelay already wants to move out.

"When we came here we used the toilet and feces started coming out of the toilet and out of the sink, out of the shower, tub", said Petelay.

Petelay says before the deal was done, she did look at the home, but it was at night.

She also says she was under her medication and feeling really sick.

"They received me in the living room, they were very nice, they even offered us food, but everything was in the living room. They did show us the bedrooms but very fast because they said that they had some clothes stored there", said Petelay.

Petelay says for a week she and her family have been living in filth, from feces, to a broken stove and exposed wiring.

"To top it off the lights kept going on and off, so we called the Fire Department and basically the home has to be shut down because whenever you plug in there it melts", said Petelay.

Petelay also tells Action 4 News the home owner left the property full of belongings, and so she had to store her things outside.

She's also upset about all of the stray cats on the premises.

"I never knew there were than many cats and I TMm allergic to cats ", said Petelay.

Our cameras were rolling when the owner of the home showed to the property, he refused to talk to us , but said he would resolve the issue with his tenant.

Petelay is ready to move out and says she wants all of her money back.

Petelay and her landlord are due in court Tuesday morning.

She also contacted animal control about the stray cats on the property.