Call 4 Action: Residents Ticked At Nearby Flea Market

On Wednesday morning, the Bit-O-Heaven RV and Mobile Home Park between, Alamo and Donna, had a bit of a mess. Park manager Gloria Sharp and residents Rosie Wilson, Jim Kirby and Marilyn Shary were out, in the middle of the street, directing traffic. They said they had to take matters into their own hands because overflow traffic from the nearby Valverde Flea Market was blocking the entrance to their park, just as it does every Wednesday.

Bit-O-Heaven's main entrance is off of Business 83, between Valverde Road and Whalen Road.

And Sharp claimed every attempt to get law enforcement to do something about it had been unsuccessful.

She even called out workers from the Texas Department of Transporation.

They spoke with Sharp and the tense meeting was caught on tape by Action 4 News. "Border Patrol's been called out, the state police (have been called). I've called (Hidalgo) county out here and none of you guys can do anything," she told a TxDOT supervisor, alongside the busy street. Sharp said law enforcement officials told her previously there was nothing they could do because traffic was moving and no laws were being broken. "I have 1600 people, 1800 people at times, in here and I'm not going to put up with it no longer. I can't even get an ambulance in here," she continued. But on top of the "what are we supposed to do response?" she got from law enforcement, she was told by TxDOT that her group of vest-wearing, baton-wielding, makeshift traffic cops were causing a traffic hazard. "Ya'll can't be out on the road, flagging traffic," the TxDOT official told her.

Sharp exclaimed, "Well we've got to! I'm not gonna let my people sit out here and not get in."

Action 4 News contacted Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevio about the matter, which pertains to his agency's jurisdiction.

He suggested that Bit-O-Heaven hire off duty deputies to direct traffic during peak periods.

But, Sharp didn't like that idea very much.

Not long after they shared their story with Action 4 News, though, TxDOT offered solutions to the problem.

Within an hour of our visit, they posted a sign advising drivers to not block the driveway.

And a TxDOT employee told us a traffic signal at Valverde would be adjusted to hopefully prevent traffic back-ups.