Call 4 Action " Wedding day catering chaos

January 22 was the day Stefanie Garcia finally got to marry the man of her dreams.

After the I do's, it was time to celebrate with their some 300 guests " and what better way to kick things off than with a great meal.

However, upset bride Stefanie Garcia, said her guests never got that great meal.

"(The caterer) assured us that we were going to like the meal that she was going to make it better, that it was going to be edible - and it wasn TMt, Garcia said.

Garcia said the meal that caterer La Mansion Banquet Hall served at her reception was so bad that some guests even had to go to a nearby McDonald TMs to bring their own food.

But Sara Villalon, manager of La Mansion said the accusations are just not true.

Villalon said the bridal party agreed to make certain meal alterations to a cordon bleu plate to stay within budget.

"Early on, I told them we should end the contract because I knew this bride was too difficult, Villalon said. She came here and had a drama queen attack.

But the unhappy bride said it goes way beyond just the meal.

Garcia said the caterer showed up late, didn't bring enough servers was rude to her and her young son.

Garcia even blames the caterer for a smashed part of her wedding cake.

Villalon denies all the accusations, but given what she said is a good reputation for more than 20 years, Villalon agreed to work out a deal with the newlyweds.

But when Action 4 News cameras weren't rolling and the groom visited Villalon to work out that deal, it got heated and ended with no resolution.

Garcia said after that Monday afternoon meeting she knew she probably wouldn TMt get her money back, but said she hopes brides-to-be will be more watchful of the people they hire for their special day.