Call 4 Action: Alamo Family's Safety Left In Jeopardy

A company on Craigslist is accused of scamming a family out of money and jeopardizing their safety.

A family who lives just outside the city of Alamo is fearing for their safety.

"We had someone trying to kick in the door."

Ramiro is a father of an infant daughter and his wife is expecting another child.

He tried to protect their home off Moore Road with a dog, but found out the pit bull isn't startled by strangers.

So he turned to Quiroz Welding,- a company he found on Craigslist, to install burglar bars.

"He gave us a good price. He was going to do the doors for 200 dollars and the windows for 75."

The homeowner handed over 600 hard-earned dollars two months ago to Blaz Quiroz and has the receipt to prove it, but the work isn't done.

"They didn't do the doors or the windows on the side of the house. We have called him several times but they give us excuses or don TMt call us back."

The work that did get done is mediocre at best.

"They are loose. I can yank them off."

The family made a Call 4 Action saying not only do they feel scammed out of hundreds of dollars but their safety is still in jeopardy.

"The doors never got done nor did the windows on the side of the house. They just broke in next door. It TMs ironic because I feel I TMve been robbed by Quiroz welding."

We called the numbers listed for Quiroz Welding on Craigslist, but there was no answer.

The business in Donna has closed their doors and allegedly relocated to Edinburg under a different name claiming to do a different kind of work.

The Alamo family has lost hope of getting appropriate burglar bars installed or even getting their 600 dollars back, but they want to tell their story to save another person from becoming a victim.

Blaz Quiroz did call back and said he will finish the job on Monday.

He claims there was a medical emergency which put him behind.

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