Call 4 Action: Apartment Tenants Living In Waste

Neighbors at the Maryland Apartments in Harlingen spoke to Action 4 News about a sewage pipe that burst inside their disabled neighbor TMs apartment back in November; it destroyed his floor and left feces everywhere.

Shannon Jones is Zuniga's nurse and states it took her a long time to clean the mess up and feels the bacteria of the feces is still roaming in the apartment.

It makes me feel upset because I TMm in danger, said Jones. I take the stuff to my kids and I have a son with chronic asthma."

What's worse, neighbors claim the feces didn TMt stay indoors, their landlord apparently handled the problem in bizarre way.

They were taking the sewage by wheel barreling it in front of all the complexes, said Courtney Harbin also a neighbor. We have to walk thru fecal matter every time we come home."

According to those living at the Maryland complex, their landlord disposed of the feces right in front of their home. Several of them did their research and realized they had bigger issues.

Bryan Underhill lives at the complex and explained, one of the most serious problems with broken sewage pipes inside homes occurs because pipes release methane in the home."

Now several neighbors complain of headaches, stomach aches, vomiting and just a concern for bad smell.

Action 4 tried talking to the land lord; they were out to lunch the entire time we were there.

The management office referred us to their corporate office which also had no comment.

Action 4 News then contacted the Harlingen health department; they stopped and said they found nothing wrong.