Call 4 Action: Bank Account Wiped Out

An Edinburg woman never though she would be in the situation she is in today. "I'm an IT professional and have been one for many years," the Edinburg woman said. "I lost my job in August of 2008." She finally found a job that pays less than what she made before, so now she is doing what she can to consolidate her bills and get out of debt. "Just so I can have some temporary help until I can get caught up....get a couple of pay checks and get caught up," she said. She said while she verbally told her bank her situation.

White still got a shock after getting her first paycheck. "I went to use the ATM machine and the receipt said I was overdrawn," she said. She said she called her bank to find out what happened. "I called Wells Fargo and was told they had taken my entire paycheck out," the Edinburg woman said. "I was in shock because I had let them know I would be paying them through Consumer Credit Counseling and that they would be receiving their money every month and on time."

Now, she said, she has no money to live on.

"They left me without anything," she said. "They took my entire paycheck." Unfortunately, for White, the bank can do what they need--to get their money. Marla Lutz, with consumer credit counseling services, said she is not familiar with her case--but said if she had an agreement with her bank she should have gotten something in writing.

"Get it in writing," said Lutz. "You don't want them coming back on you saying they don't know the person you set up the agreement with or that person didn't have authorization. I would always get the offer in writing." White turned to Action 4 News for help but unfortunately there was nothing that could be done.

The Edinburg woman said all she can do now is move forward and let people know what had happened.