CALL 4 ACTION: BBQ Competitors heated over theft

Stolen BBQ pit and trailer

The Simental family of Harlingen is heated.

"All they left was that block."

The trailer and barbecue pit they use often for competitions has disappeared and from under their noses.

"We had just gotten back from a competition and we left it out here under lock and key," said Rosie Simental.

The equipment worth roughly $4,000 was always parked right in front of their home on Hapner Street where there's very little crime and everyone knows each other.

"We TMve been here 3 years and nothing is taken from our yards not even a beach ball."

The pit holds sentimental value for the Simental's and they want it back.

"The person who made it is in the hospital right now."

Family and neighbors make up the Smoking Amigos team and were looking forward to a competition on October 25th, but since the trailer and pit have been stolen, they will have to lose out on a chance at 1st place since they came so close the last time.

And it's frightening that the items were taken just feet away from the front door while Rosie was home with her daughter.

"When someone takes your things it just feels ugly."

The family is offering a $500 reward no questions asked.

Harlingen police are investigating.

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