Call 4 Action: Benefit Concert for Student

Eva with Gail Hanson

Students at Valley Christian High School in Brownsville will be holding a benefit concert in honor of a classmate who TMs been battling kidney disease.

Eva Millan, a senior at the school, has been in and out of the classroom because of her ailing medical condition.

Her family was unable to pay for tuition at the school this year for both Eva and her brother because of the mounting medical bills.

When the school TMs founder Gail Hanson heard about the news, she organized students to put on the concert.

The first day of school when I told the kids Eva couldn TMt come up | there was this spontaneous ~no TM from her peers who said she had to come back, explained Hanson.

Already students have raised more than $1,000.00 which allowed Millan and her brother to enroll.

Millan said she TMs just overwhelmed with joy calling her students TM actions more proof in the power of prayer.

Never give up hope, said Millan. God is the God of wonders and just when you feel nothing can be done| he just surprises you with something like or even bigger.

The benefit concert is free and open to the public.

The concert kicks off at 7 p.m. Friday.

Anyone who wants to attend can go the grounds of Valley Christian High at 1190 McIntosh Drive in Brownsville -- that's right next to Vineyard Church.

All donations collected at the concert will go the family to help pay for medical bills.