Call 4 Action: Bulldog, Laptops Stolen in San Juan

Jessica and Alberto Cabrera left for work Wednesday morning but when they came back home, they discovered their most prized possession missing.

"It's like she was our kid, you she was a part of a family, so that's what really hurts us, you know," said Alberto.

They said their bulldog "Ms. B" was in the back room with the Cabreras' other dog "Don."

The burglars took two laptop computers and "Ms. B."

"Ya, the laptops, whatever, okay," Jessica said. "You're invaded and that's your property, but what we want people to understand is she is our family.. So essentially they took part of our family."

And what's most surprising to the Cabreras is that this happened all in broad daylight. To get inside, the thieves didn't even use a window.

They used the front door.

The Cabreras said their front door was kicked open.

All that's left in the dogs' room is a kennel while their other dog is in hiding.

The Cabreras told Action 4 News that they are afraid for his safety.

"We feel like we can't walk him because we don't know who we can trust or who we can't," said Jessica.

The Cabreras are hopeful that they will find Ms. B.

They've posted these fliers and are offering a $500 dollar reward.

"No questions asked," said Jessica. "Just bring her home safely."

Bulldogs can be worth up to over two thousand dollars, and the Cabreras fear that the thieves have sold Ms. B.

But they remain optimistic that someone will come forward.