Call 4 Action: Businesses Trying to Stay Afloat

Flooded streets with debris and mosquito larvae are the last thing these business owners want near their stores.

"We need help," said Hermila Guerra, owner of Guerra's Meat Market.

"Something's got to be done," said Raul Leal of Radiadores Del Valle.

Guerra's business is near 13 1/2 Mile and FM 1015, and the area right behind her store and near her home is flooded.

"It's bad. It smells," said Guerra.

Rau Leal's shop is right next door.

"Ahhh...the only bad part about it is it's flooded, and it's starting to smell," said Leal.

Although the store isn't flooded yet, Guerra said it's only a matter of time.

"I don't know how many feet it's travelled, but it's coming and it's coming and we can see it's creeping and eventually it's going to come all the way in," said Guerra.

Hurricane Dolly damaged Guerra's store, and her fear is that it'll happen again.

"We need for somebody to come and pump," said Guerra.

"Just be patient with us," said Hidalgo County Spokesperson Cari Lambrecht.

Lambrecht said crews are working as fast as they can to get pumps out on streets.

"More pumps are going to go out through the weekend, and as soon as an area is done, it'll probably be relocated," said Lambrecht.

Lambrecht said Guerra and Leal should see pumps in their area soon, but before that happen, these business owners hope they don't see more heavy rain.