Call 4 Action: Caterers allegedly ruined Quinceaera party

Aurelia Perez says her grand-daughter's Quinceaera was single handedly ruined by caterers at the event.

"We had a contract and he broke that contract.

The company in question, The Mesquite House of Iron in Harlingen arrived several hours late and unprepared.

"He didn TMt bring enough to serve the 350 plates I paid for. Also, parts of the family were not drinking anything because we didn't have cups. We had to go out and buy cups and ice, said Aurelia

Terms of the contract show the company was to bring staff to serve and cut the cake and clean the hall after the function.

None of it happened, she says.

"Having me and my own kids from out of town cleaning the tables is not right. It was a disaster, claims Aurelia.

We spoke with the company's manager over the phone.

Eduardo Zamarripa admits he did not comply with some of the terms of the contract.

I know she had to use some of her family for pick up so I said ok let's work out some numbers.

To right the wrong, Zamarripa agreed to refund Aurelia some of her money, despite the way she reportedly behaved following the function.

We dropped the ball. Now we have to pay the price. But it doesn't necessarily mean that she has to come here and disrespect the place and the people, Zamarripa alleges.

They're accusations Aurelia denies, but glad action is now on the way.