Call 4 Action: Couple Wants Out of Tick-Infested Apartment

With ticks crawling all over their apartment , a Harlingen couple claims their home is a health hazard.

Linda Cisneros said she wants out of the lease at the Riverview Apartments next to McKelvey Park in Harlingen.

But she claims her landlord refuses to return her $200 dollar deposit.

Cisneros noticed several problems right after moving in back in October.

Management promised they would be fixed but Cisneros claimed it never happened.

"I TMve talked to the landlord the person above the landlord and they refuse to help me, Cisneros said.

She and her husband had just married and heard good reviews about the apartment complex but quickly began to notice problems.

"An infestation of ticks from the apartment above me, Cisneros said. I have water that looks like milk. I have a mold smell coming from next door and me and my husband are both sick because it's freezing and our heater doesn TMt work."

The couple signed a lease and agreed to pay nearly $500 dollars a month in rent, not including utilities.

But several months later, Cisneros said she has been buying gallons of water to drink, cook and brush her teeth with.

"Unfortunately, the deposit is non-refundable but I explained to her that would be okay if it was my fault or if it had been something I did, Cisneros said. But it was nothing I did, it was their responsibility and I just figure that it's my money."

Cisneros says she and her husband had little choice but to move out to her father's home.

She could not stand living in what she says is an infested home any more.

"I have a tick bite on my leg and my dog has never ever had ticks or fleas before I take her regularly to go get groomed and to get shaved and it's just disgusting and ridiculous, Cisneros said.

According to Cisneros, her landlord told her if she breaks her lease, she will be reported to the credit bureaus

Both the Riverview Apartments manager and regional property manager refused to speak to Action 4 News about the case.

Cisneros says she is now seeking legal action.

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