Call 4 Action: Death of dog causes family to take action

Michelle Sosa

Michelle Sosa of Raymondville wants justice for her dog Peligroso.

She says she had to put her dog to sleep today after a trip to the Raymondville Animal Clinic over a week ago.

Ever since then he was twitching, doesn TMt want to get up, he doesn TMt want to eat, he doesn TMt bark, he was laying here where we had him, Sosa said.

Sosa said she took Peligroso to the clinic to treat mange.

While there she was also given medicine for heart worms and fleas.

She claims the veterinarian never appeared to evaluate her dog, instead she said the office manager, Aurora, examined her dog and gave him a shot for mange.

Sosa said she turned to Aurora for help but her calls went unreturned.

Action 4 visited the office with Sosa asking questions about Peligroso TMs death and Aurora TMs certification.

The veterinarian, who is in his ninties, was nowhere to be found.

We called the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners who said a non-licensed person may only administer vaccines to animals under the direct supervision of a licensed veterinarian.

The Texas Administrative Code states under Rule 573.10 When feasible, a veterinarian should delegate greater responsibility to a registered veterinary technician registered by the Texas Veterinary Medical Association than to an unlicensed person that is not a RVT.

Aurora told Action 4 she is neither a certified veterinarian or a vet tech.

As ya TMll saw right now, he wasn TMt there and there was other people with their dogs there and he was at home, Sosa said.

Sosa said her children took the loss of Peligroso the hardest.

They don TMt understand why, they TMre like why did you have him put to sleep, Sosa said. I just didn TMt want him to suffer.

Sosa is in the process of filing a formal complaint with the state against the clinic.

After visiting the clinic, Dr. A.M. Pickard released a statement saying:

The Raymondville Animal Clinic is owned by a licensed veterinarian. I live on the premises and provide only very basic veterinary services. My office manager has worked by my side for thirty years. We are very sorry about the loss of this pet and to learn that a complaint has been filed.

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