Call 4 Action: Discrimination at Retirement Community?

Guadalupe Gutierrez has been living at Harlingen's 55 and older community Sun Valley Acres since October.

Duaine Gutierrez, his son, bought the property to ensure that his father would live as comfortably as possible.

Guadalupe Gutierrez suffers from several health issues including severe back problems.

But, he said his pains got even worse when his 43-year-old son, Guadalupe Gutierrez, Jr., moved in to take care of him.

Gutierrez said the Sun Valley Acres Corporation acting president made a racial slur at his son.

"(My father) called me up saying he was having some issues with the (acting president), Duaine Gutierrez said. He mentioned to (my brother, Guadalupe Gutierrez Jr.) that we needed to get him to fill out some papers (stating) that he's going to move out because (he) and his people - after dad passes away - he's going to move in a lady and have 14 kids. That's what ~we TM people do - which I believe is a racist remark because we're Hispanic."

Some of Gutierrez TMs neighbors said they have no problem with Gutierrez TMs son living at the park, even if he doesn TMt meet the park TMs age requirement.

However, others reportedly are not so happy.

Action 4 News went looking for the man in question who allegedly made the racist remark.

He would not speak to Action 4 News on camera and referred questions to his attorney.

However, he did state that he is only following rules that have been in place since 1977.

But Betty Boyd, a 12-year resident at the park, disagrees.

"They are being discriminated against because they are Hispanic, Boyd said. I truly believe this, because there's other people in this park that are under 55, that they haven't done anything to ask they to move."

Others said the corporation is overstepping their boundaries.

"As an individual here in the park anybody can go to anyone and address an issue, Randall Crabtree said. But to use the park as a means, that we have the power and using us as a means, is not right. Most of us don TMt feel the same way."

Gutierrez said he just wants to be left alone to live in his home at peace.

Duaine Gutierrez said what his father and brother are going through is harassment and said if it doesn't stop, they will seek legal action.