Call 4 Action: Donna family can't move into home

      Maria Ledesma and her son Carlos' new home has been finished for a month now but they are still not living in it.

      "This has been very frustrating, Carlos Ledesma said. My mom is a diabetic and can't handle all of this stress."

      Carlos said he and his mom have tried everything to get the electricity turned on in their new home---but seem to be getting nowhere.

      "It's been frustrating. We had problems getting the temporary service, Maria Ledesma said. We finally got that and now I've been informed that I might have to pay more money to get my other service back on. I don TMt have any extra money."

      Carlos said he was told his mother would have to purchase a brand new pole to get the electricity turned on.

      "How do you expect an 89-year-old woman on a fixed income of $800 dollars a month to be able to afford something like that? Carlos asked.

      Action 4 News took their concerns to AEP. Spokesman Frank Espinoza told Action 4 News that Carlos and his mother would not have to purchase the pole.

      He said the old pole, which provided electricity to them in the past ran through a neighbor TMs backyard and was no longer considered safe.

      Espinoza said there is a process that goes into setting up a new pole and electricity into a new home.

      He said if Carlos would have called them before the house was complete---all of this could have been avoided.

      It will now take six to eight weeks for a new pole to be installed.