Call 4 Action: Dump Trucks Dirty Neighborhood

Dump truck after dump truck, dirt is thrown into the air and onto the Brownsville home of Juanita Saldivar.

Saldivar said it's suffocating.

"We can't go outside, said Saldivar. We can't hang our clothes outside to dry; we can't paint the house even though it really needs it."

Saldivar said she's forced to spray down the outside of her home nearly every day to get rid of the dirty film.

Her grandson takes a different approach by throwing rocks at the dump trucks, but they may not be the only problem.

Dirt is actually sold behind the section of border fence across from Saldivar TMs house.

That TMs where trucks pick it up, and haul it off in trucks every day.

Saldivar said her husband has contacted the company that sells the dirt several times.

She said they only help when he complains.

The only thing they do is throw water, said Saldivar, but only when he calls."

Now, Saldivar is demanding a more permanent solution.

If they're going to stay, they should at least throw water every day, said Saldivar.

Action 4 News got in touch with the owner of the dirt company.

He did not want to speak on camera but told Action 4 News he's aware of Saldivar's frustrations.

For that reason, he said he'll be distributing his dirt in another location, nowhere near Saldivar's home.