Call 4 Action: Family Faces Eviction

It's a father's nightmare not knowing if his family will be taken care of.

"It hurts me because I can't do anything," said Arnold Garza. "I'm getting cancer, and I can't work."

Garza also suffers from Cirrhosis of the liver and internal bleeding.

His wife Elizabeth Garcia lost her job in February and spends most of her time taking care of him and their two children.

"When the liver stops, that's it," said Garza.

With the two unemployed, Garza said his family can't afford their rent anymore, and with his disease progressing day by day, he fears he may leave even more of burden when he's gone.

"I don't want to leave more problems," said Garza.

The family has taken their own steps to get back on their feet.

His wife Elizabeth Garcia said she's called several non-profit organizations for help, but due to the economy and the growing number of people in need of assistance, many of them said they don't have funds.

"It's hard. I'm trying to get back into work," said Garza's wife Elizabeth Garcia.

Garcia said with the economy the way it is, she's having a hard time finding a job, and with medical bills piling up fast, she needs help.

By next week, her family could be facing eviction.

"It's a horrible feeling because we don't know where we're going to be tomorrow," said Garcia.

Lidia Herrera from the Salvation Army said they normally help people in Garcia's situation, but their organization is also a victim of the economy.

"All nonprofit organizations have taken a pretty big hit as far as donations and funds, and right now, we currently don't have any funds available," said Herrera.

The Salvation Army has a shelter, and Herrera said that could be an option for families facing eviction until they can get back on their feet.

She also said the Salvation Army and other non-profit organizations are always looking for donations, so that they can help people in need.