Call 4 Action: Family loses home to fire

A Brownsville student called Action 4 News, asking for help for her school TMs custodian. His house burned down last week, so she took action and said she hopes her call for help will be answered.

Laura Luceno, a student at I.R.R.A Charter School in Brownsville called on behalf of Juan Rivera, who has worked at the school for the past five years.

"They need our help, they really do," Luceno said. "It TMs really tough. He's the only one working, his wife was just operated."

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. At the time it started Rivera TMs wife, Gloria, was in the house.

She was recovering from foot surgery a few days back, and was in crutches when it happened. She said she was thankful for being able to get away.

"Were just anxious to start over, not for us, but for them," she said.

Gloria was referring to her two kids. They were both in school at the time of the fire.

They are all living with Gloria TMs mother, in a mobile home in San Benito. They said they have nothing, and so they TMre pleading for help.

"If anyone can help, we would appreciate it," Rivera said.

If anyone has any donations, they can contact Juan Rivera at (956-456-7705)

Clothing sizes for the family are below:

Juan Rivera (father): wears medium shirts, 34x30 pants and 7 1/2 size shoes. Gloria Rivera (mother): wears XL shirts, size 18 pants, and size 10 shoes. Elizabeth Rivera (daughter): wears size 12 shirts, 12-14 size pants and 6 size shoes. Nathan Rivera (son): wears size 10 shirts, size 10 husky pants, and 4 1/2 size shoes.