Call 4 Action: Family of 15 Homeless

A Los Indios couple and their 13 children are homeless after Fourth of July fireworks burned down their home this past Sunday.

The 15-member Hernandez family has been temporarily staying at a 20 by 20 foot room, which belongs to the children TMs school counselor.

"It TMs very frustrating because I have 13 kids and I don TMt know what to do," mother Maximina Hernandez told Action 4 News.

The whole family has been sleeping on two air mattresses, which, for 15 people, is clearly not enough.

"We don TMt have clothes; some of us don TMt even have shoes to wear, Leo Garza, the oldest of the children at 15 years old said. Sometimes we just have to wear the same thing."

Action 4 News found out about the family TMs need from Rick Bennett, the mayor of Los Indios. He approached Action 4 News because he said he felt the need to help them after hearing about their story.

Six of the children are hers, he said, referring to Maximina. And she took seven out of the system. They were going to be wards of the state coming from an abusive home."

The Hernandez family is hopeful Valley residents will be able to help them move on, as they start from scratch.

"If anyone has a rental home, let us know so we can take a look at it, father Cesar said.

He added that it has been tough looking for a home to rent roomy enough for all 15 people.

To date they have also received small donations from Los Indios residents, consisting of a few clothes, blankets, diapers and even meals.

Bennett opened up an account for any individuals that would like to help them out; it is at the First Community Bank, under Maximina and Cesar Hernadez.

The 13 children vary in ages: Leo, 15; Luciano, 14; Roberto, 12; Alfredo, 12; Guadalupe, 12; Jerry, 10; Luis, 10; Elva, 9; Julio, 9; Nazario, 6; Emiliano, 4; Sebastian, 2 and Genesis, 1.