Call 4 Action gets results for cancer victim

It was last Wednesday that we told you about 62-year-old Antonio Villa and his battle with cancer.

With limited social security and no health insurance|Antonio is struggling to stay alive.

Every month he pays $300 for Chemotherapy treatments, about the same for medicine and then there are other bills, like electricity and food.

Add to that mounting hospital bills and you have a family struggling to stay afloat.

Antonio TMs wife, Elidia said, The doctor gave him the prescription, which he has to have for because the Chemotherapy gives him headaches.... He's paying $300 worth of Chemo and he still has to find the money to pay for his prescriptions."

Since the story aired, Action 4 received numerous calls from Valley residents offering to help Antonio.

While he hasn TMt received it yet, he said a company has offered to supply him with a new tube, because the one he has no has not been changed in 5-months.

I wish they would accept him to the hospital to change his tube, said Elidia. Because I struggle a lot and I don't know what to do"

Antonio is not alone|.thousands of Americans are going through these same struggles.

This Health Care crisis has caused a firestorm of reaction from the public.

Everything from protests in front of Congressmen TMs offices to town hall meetings, like the one Henry Cuellar hosted in McAllen Monday, are just some way Americans are having their voices heard and questions answered.

Antonio said, while he is happy the government is making an effort to hear the public TMs view on Health Care.

He does not want promises|.he wants to see action.