Call 4 Action: Girl Brutally Attacked

A teenager in Edinburg is recovering after a brutal attack and now her family wants justice.

Margarita Alvarez tells Action 4 News she hasn't returned to Economedes High School in Edinburg since the attack.

The pictures tell a painful story.

"This happened to me it could happen to more people," Alvarez said.

With bruises still visible on her face 15-year-old Alvarez talks about the day she was attacked.

"This group like just came and beat me up, like twenty people," she said.

Alvarez said she was on the ground defenseless she was kicked, punched and at one point what she heard was terrifying.

"They were saying to burn my hair and to stab me," she said.

Alvarez, who is freshman at Economedes High School in Edinburg, told Action 4 News that she was attacked on campus and that some of her attackers were other students.

She it all happened after a school dance on a Friday afternoon.

"They didn't even do anything I mean what kind of school is it," she said.

The teen says school staff nor the security guard intervened or called for help.

Her mother said she the one who called an ambulance from home.

Alvarez said she was put on a three-day suspension because of the incident and doesn't understand why.

Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District issue a release Monday afternoon about the incident.

The district tells Action 4 news, it has addressed a concern regarding an alleged fight between two female students and concluded it did not occur on the school campus as alleged.

The district says school administration had been informed the two students were talking about a fight and immediately called both students into the office and made them aware of the consequences of fighting as per the student code of conduct.

The school district also says since the fight did not occur on school grounds, the school district doesn TMt have jurisdiction to further investigate this matter.