Call 4 Action gives a family dealing with cancer hope

David Reyna and his wife started the Lourdes D. Lifetime Foundation

The memories are never easy to relive.

They hurt just as much as the day that David Reyna lost his eldest child Lourdes to cancer a little over a year ago.

"The only connection that we have with my daughter right now is her memory, Reyna said. We want to preserve that at any cost."

To preserve that memory, David and his wife started the Lourdes D. Lifeline Foundation.

We wanted to turn our tragedy into something positive for the community," Reyna said.

He said when he had heard Miranda Perez TMs story on Action 4 News he immediately connected with the family, understanding their struggles and wanting to help.

"We've walked in those shoes, Reyna said. My wife and I understand the uncertainty of this family."

Miranda TMs parents are both hearing impaired.

Rolando Perez works as a substitute teacher and with very little money coming in, he TMs worried about his little girl TMs future as she battles brain cancer.

He said his wife, who only communicates with sign language, must take Miranda to the hospital on her own and has a hard time communicating with the staff.

"She doesn't know what they're giving her or what they're doing," Perez said.

But that is all about to change as the Lourdes Foundation steps up and gives the Perez family the help they need.

An interpreter will now accompany his wife when she goes with Miranda to the doctor and will provide transportation to and from the hospital.

It was more than Rolando Perez could ask for.

As for David it was just a small gesture, but one that could make all the difference in a little girl TMs life.

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