Call 4 Action: Harlingen Mother Killed in Honduras

Martinez said his mother's body is still in Honduras.

A Harlingen family issued a Call 4 Action after their mother was killed in Honduras and they are having a hard time getting her body back.

Carlos Martinez told Action 4 News that his mother Margarita Martinez was killed in the Central American nation Saturday night.

Martinez said his mother went to Honduras with her boyfriend.

The two were allegedly ambushed in a robbery where his mother was killed.

"They were on their way to a dance last night around 3:30 and hs says two guys jumped out on him with an AK47", carlos Martinez said.

The boyfriend apprently called to let them know she was killed.

But Carlos and his brothers and sisters are left to pick up the pieces.

"They are leaving it up to us to figure out how to get her body to a major city", Martinez said.

The grieving son said they have spoken to people at the U.S. Embassy in Honduras but haven't really gotten anywhere.

"I mean I'm just lost, I don't know what to do", said Martinez.

With Mother's Day taking place this coming Sunday, Martinez said that getting his mother back is the only thing that matters.

"Right now my mother's body is sitting in a living rooom and it's not where its supposed to be," Martinez said. "I know we can't get it back here, somebody has to go and get it, please...just please..."

He is hoping that someone listening can help get her body back to the US and give their loving mother a proper goodbye.