Call 4 Action Helps Woman Keep Her Home

Elizabeth Noble said she dedicated more than 20 years of her life working as a registered nurse.

While trying to save a patient's life after their cardiac catheter was causing them to bleed out, she said, her career and life took a drastic turn.

"That pressure to hold that person from bleeding is just about 10 minutes at maximum, Noble said. I had to put pressure for over an hour. I was preventing a patient from bleeding to death."

That episode tore a ligament in her shoulder - which prevented her from getting her job back -and set her back financially - especially when it came to payments on her home...

"I was paying it (through) automatic withdrawals, and then I had everything taken away because they denied my ability to work ," Noble said.

After years of waiting, noble was finally approved for disability benefits and received her first check in May 2010.

She was optimistic that she would be able to save her home from foreclosure, but her mortgage company, American Home Mortgage, didn't see things her way.

"Now they are saying, ~well we need two months of bank statements, TM Noble said. But how am I going to get two months worth of bank statements when they just started the deposits a month ago?"

Noble said she needs more to salvage the only place she has to call home.

Action 4 News spoke to American Home Mortgage about Noble TMs case.

They agreed to put a stop on the foreclosure until Noble has the opportunity to provide them with the paperwork required.