Call 4 Action: Home Devastated By Hurricane Alex

Dora Flores lives in a humble home on Taylor Street in Brownsville but the antique is slowly showing its age starting with the roof.

Dora told Action 4 she has tried everything from placing bowls, buckets and whatever she can find to catch water sipping thru her roof every time it rains.

The homeowner explained that her and her husband have tried saving up for a new roof job for some time now, even sacrificing their health.

She told us that for years her husband would complain of headaches but would ignore the pain because of medical costs.

Unfortunately in April everything changed for the couple when Dora's husband, Modesto, suffered a stroke.

It left him disabled, unable to work and unfortunately broke.

The little money they had is now being used for medical expenses.

Meanwhile their roof keeps deteriorating and with the recent rains from Hurricane Alex it TMs just made matters worse.

Modesto told us he feels sad and guilty he can TMt provide for his wife and teenage son and all he wants, is to go back to work.

Even Dora told us she'd work if it wasn TMt for the ulcers in her legs.

She's hoping someone watching can help!

If you would like to help the Flores family please email us at