Call 4 Action: Homeowner fed up with overgrown weeds

For several weeks, the homeowners of The Groves had to deal with overgrown weeds and tall grass covering their neighborhood. It started ever since Landmark Valley Homes filed for bankruptcy earlier this year.

They stopped cutting the weeds and grass, causing major headaches for the residents in that area.

"We have been seeing snakes crawl out of the grass onto the pathway, Lydia Flores said. The grass has gotten a lot taller, even taller than ourselves now."

Flores told Action 4 News, she has seen her neighborhood deteriorate ever since the company went bankrupt.

"The home next door to me was broken into, he said. They threw a big piece of concrete and damaged the walls and stole most of the guys belongings."

As if it is not enough, the homeowners say there is also a graffiti problem.

Many of the empty homes for sale have tag marks all over the garage doors and the walls.

After several weeks, Flores was finally got fed up, so she turned to Action 4 News for help.

Calls were made to Landmark Valley Homes, but their number is now disconnected.

In addition, sales representatives that were also contacted said they no longer work for the company.

A call was also placed into the City of Primera.

They said they will do something about it.

They will be sending a letter to the developer no later than Friday.

After 10 days, if they do not hear back from them, they will then cut the grass and bill the company.

Chris Boswell, who has worked on several bankruptcy cases in the past, told Action 4 News that even though a company files for bankruptcy, they still have the obligation to comply with all city ordinances and codes.