Call 4 Action: Illegal Dumping in Alton

Forget having a loud or noisy neighbor, Victor Molina says he has to deal with a dumpsite next door.

I try not to get upset or get angry, said Molina. But people throwing trash, using it as a dumpsite and not having the city officials or the irrigation district do anything about it is frustrating."

For over 20 years, the Alton homeowner has been looking at this eyesore in between Inspiration Road and Los Ebanos on Mile 6.

He tells Action 4 News that people have dumped tires, televisions, and even an entire A/C unit.

A frustrated Molina is now turning to Action 4 News since lately things have only gotten worse.

We know that this mess back here is the main reason why it TMs easy for them to break into the houses back here," he said.

Molina blames the tall brush and trees growing from the dumpsite for the convenience it serves burglars to hide in.

But his troubles don TMt end there with burglars.

He claims the irrigation district itself uses the ditch to drop off siphoned water.

To me it seems like we don TMt matter, explained the homeowner. We don TMt matter to the city of Alton, or we don TMt matter to the irrigation district or they don TMt care about our health."

Molina tells Action 4 News he's contacted both the city and irrigation district but neither have been much help.

He's hoping that message translates to getting this problem taken care of and has this blunt message to city leaders.

Fix the canal so it doesn TMt leak anymore, fix this area, just clean it up," he said.