Call 4 Action: Injured Kitten Found Half-Buried

There's a special place in Alma Gaspar's heart for animals.

"They all have their own names, she said.

Stray cats near her Sunset Drive apartment in Harlingen are feed daily; many of them get a second chance at life.

"I rescued her, Gaspar said. This cat was found in a parking lot in San Benito."

But there's one feline in the bunch, Gaspar said she could simply cannot help on her own.

"I am not giving up on this innocent animal here," she said.

The kitten TMs name is Miracle.

Gaspar said she named her that because despite the condition in which the kitten was found, Miracle remains alive.

"I was just following the voices of this little kitty," she said.

Gaspar uncovered Miracle who was partially buried in dirt under playground equipment near her apartment.

The kitten TMs eyes were sealed shut with mucus and blood seeping from them, according to Gaspar.

"I guess she was trying to get out of that hole herself," Gaspar said.

The 20-year-old college student has spent the last three days bottle feeding Miracle, giving it sheltering and trying to raise enough money for the kitten TMs expensive medical bills by going door-to-door in a neighborhood collection.

I raised $42.00, Gaspar said.

Action 4 News shared Gaspar TMs story with veterinarians at the Altas Palmas Animal Clinic in Harlingen, who agreed to examine the kitten free of charge.

Doctor Robert Zamorano's initial medical assessment wasn TMt good.

"This eye on the left| we're not going to be able to save," he said to Gaspar while examining the kitten.

Dr. Zamorano believed the kitten suffered from an infection that likely resulted from an injury by another animal.

Gaspar feared the animal had been abused by a person.

Despite the way in which Miracle TMs condition was brought about, Dr. Zamorano said he was inspired by Gaspar TMs passion for animals.

"Given the circumstances, I think we're going to be able to help her out, he said.

Dr. Zamorano agreed to provide emergency surgery to remove the kitten's dead eye free of charge at the clinic.

He said the surgery was Miracle TMs best chance at survival.

"It makes me feel happy that I was able to help out something like this," Gaspar said. Miracles do come true.

As of Tuesday night, Miracle TMs surgery was touted a success.

Dr. Zamorano said the kitten will remain under the clinic TMs watch to ensure proper health.

He was unable to say whether or not the kitten would be able to see out of the other eye.