Call 4 Action: Leaking Lift Station

A Brownsville woman reached out to Action 4 News hoping to get a water leak fixed at a nearby lift station.

Rosy Capistran said the problem has been going on for more than a year.

She says her family is tired of dealing with trash, overgrown grass, pesky bugs and leaking water outside Camino Verde home.

"I can TMt cut the back yard and I can TMt cut outside the fence, so animals are going into my back yard too," she said.

Capistrian blamed a water leak at the Public Utilities Board (PUB) lift station off Stagecoach and Morrison Roads.

The water leak is slowly flooding her back yard and attracting animals like snakes and mosquitoes.

The excess water also causes the grass to grow out of control and that creates another set of problems, like illegal dumping.

"People are dumping mattresses and other items here behind our fence and along this way right here," Capistran said pointing to the area right behind her backyard.

She also pointed out an old water heater, rusting away just a few feet from the lift station.

Capistran said she has tried to get PUB to fix it and made repeated calls.

"I don't know, everything stopped there and I don't know what happened, she said. They have not contacted us or anything else."

She turned to Action 4 News to increase the pressure on PUB to get something done.

"They need to come and clean it up," she said. "They need to stop, find out where the water is leaking from and just correct the problem."

PUB officials promised Action 4 News that they would investigate the situation.