Call 4 Action: Leaky Fridge Becomes Headache For Elderly Woman

Maria Sille Coronado issued a Call 4 Action

An 87-year-old woman turned to Action 4 News after her apartment TMs refrigerator won TMt stop leaking and management won TMt fix it.

The elderly McAllen woman said her original fridge was full of cockroaches and the replacement is nothing but trouble.

Maria Sille Coronado said her leaky refrigerator is one of several complaints she has against her Fairway Apartments off Toronto Avenue in McAllen.

She said the last time she complained the property owner told her she that if she didn TMt like the fridge, to move out.

A maintenance worker has come by three separate times to fix the leak.

The last fix caused water to leak on top of packages and a buildup of water in the area where she stores vegetables.

She said she wants the problem fixed or the refrigerator replaced.

"I TMm an American citizen, Coronado said. I TMve been suffering enough to get insulting from people that insulted me."

Coranado was given permission by the property manager to install a ramp to her home because of her disabilities.

But the elderly McAllen woman but also wants a disabled parking space made available.

She claims the apartments do not have any handicapped parking spots, which is against the law.

Action 4 News spoke with the property manager during our visit.

The manager declined to go on camera but said he is working to replace the leaky fridge.

He said that if Coranado wanted to move out, he would let her break her lease without penalty.

Coronado said she complained to the housing authority, who sent a representative to her home today for an inspection.

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