Call 4 Action: Lice outbreak at San Benito school

Angelica Cardenas' three children came home from school one day in January with a problem that had everyone scratching their heads.

Mommy, I got fleas, Cardenas recalled her daughter saying. I got fleas...and I was Because we don TMt have puppies." The mother of three was confused but turns out it wasn TMt fleas.

Her children who are enrolled in kindergarten, first grade and fifth grade all had over 100 lice eggs in their head.

Cardenas took immediate action applying medicine to treat the head lice.

The problem was she would sent them back with clean hair but they kept coming back with lice.

She said she opted to call and report the issue to the school nurse because she believed the itchy situation was coming from their school, La Paloma Elementary.

In speaking with the campus nurse, Cardenas said the pressure was placed on administrators who sent out a notice of head lice to parents.

The notice stated, "You need to clean your child's hair before returning to school."

Cardenas told Action 4 News that she followed orders but instead got in trouble.

She said an administrator called her about the absences her children had incurred and was told they would call CPS on her.

Action 4 News contacted the San Benito Consolidated Independent School District about the claims. District officials said the CPS allegations are false.

As far as procedure on how many days a child is allowed to miss if they continue to have head lice, that was not clearly addressed.

Cardenas told Action 4 News that the school's negligence is affecting not only her children but her daily life.

This is costing me money, time and costing me self esteem for them," she said.

Her only hope, is that the school fixes this headache.