Call 4 Action: Mailboxes Destroyed Several Times

Not once, not twice but for the fourth time now a McAllen man is having to deal with a smashed up mailbox caused by a speeder.

It's not only putting his personal information in jeopardy, but it's hitting his wallet too.

David Brutout said his mailbox was brutally attacked by speeding motorists, and he's fed up.

The sound of cars dashing on the 10 thousand block of North 29th Street isn't music to David Brutout's ears.

"There's people just flying up and down this road," he said.

It's alarming.

"See|as you can see that vehicle going by, it's going a little faster than 30 miles per hour," he said.

Brutout fears each speeder racing down this dirt road will ram into his mailbox.

"When they hit this asphalt, they lose control," said Brutout.

Just like they did earlier this week.

"Three times in the last couple of years, our mailbox has been taken out," he said.

Brutout said everytime he replaces his mailbox, it costs him about 50 dollars, but this time it's going to be more expensive.

"Tomorrow, I'll be putting in a four-by-four steel post and filling it with solid cement," he said.

Brutout estimates it'll cost him around 60 dollars,maybe more, but he thinks it'll be worth it.

"If anyone hits it now, it will do damage to their vehicle, so hopefully this stops it," said Brutout.

Neighbor Shari Lenar said she doesn't even need to step outside to hear cars racing down this street.

"I hear it all time," said Lenar.

Lenar and Brutout said drivers pass by their trailer park on the 10000 block of North 29th Street to avoid the heavy traffic on North 23rd Street, but they warn, it might not be the safest detour.

"It's paved here, and then it goes to dirt and then a ways down, it's paved again," said Lenar.

Those living in the neighborhood hope police will patrol the area more often and that cars will slow down as their driving down the 10000 block of North 29th street.