Call 4 Action: Man Wants Seized Car Back From Border Patrol

A Harlingen man issued a Call 4 Action asking for helping in getting his seized car back from the U.S Border Patrol.

Authorities seized the mini-SUV after they took it away from his girlfriend, who got busted transporting illegal immigrants at the Sarita checkpoint.

But Marcos Trevio said his daughter's life is on the line.

He drives her to Edinburg to get cancer treatment at least once a month.

The last time he saw his 2006 Chevy HHR was on January 9, 2011 after he said his girlfriend made an unexpected trip without his consent.

"They pulled her over at Sarita for carrying illegal (immigrants), Trevio said.

Trevio is not denying that his girlfriend made a mistake.

He the Border Patrol let her go for allegedly trying to take two girls past the Sarita checkpoint but he didn TMt get his car back.

"I mean that's my life - that's the car for my daughters, Trevio said. I need that car to take my daughter for chemo (therapy) at Edinburg - I need that car."

Trevio said that his girlfriend was detained a few hours, questioned and let go. He TMs already forgiven her for what he said was a mistake.

"I'm not going to let her go - I love that girl - I love her - she's cool," Trevio said.

However, Trevio said that since the car is not under his name but his daughter's who lives in South Carolina, he has not been able to get information from the U.S. Border Patrol regarding the matter.

He said they told him there is paperwork to be filed to try to get the car back.

"They told her it was up to them if they want to give it to her or not," Trevio said.

The man said he realizes his girlfriend committed a crime and said the woman realizes it as well and she 's even offered to pay for impound fees if the U.S. Border Patrol releases the vehicle to Trevio TMs daughter.

A spokesperson for the he U.S. Border Patrol said they have the right to this vehicle because it was proven that it was used to smuggle illegal immigrants.

On the issue of whether Trevio can get the car back, they said they couldn TMt comment because the issue is still in litigation.

Trevio said he's got a clean record and just hopes the U.S. Border Patrol will note that and return his vehicle.

"There's nothing I can do," he said. "But they should think about this because, I didn't even know what she was doing."