Call 4 Action: Marine's Home Burglarized

A decorated war veteran with more than a decade TMs worth of experience as a military police officer with the U.S. Marines is pleading to have his prized military possessions returned.

Former Staff Sergeant Donald Malagon said his war medals and accommodations for service were stolen during a burglary at his McAllen home last Sunday along Esperanza Street.

For someone to just come into your house and take what you've earned... it's pathetic, said Malagon.

He spent 11 years collecting memorabilia in places like Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq.

He showed Action 4 News online copies of currency from various overseas places.

Malagon had to print them out because his were stolen when his home was ransacked.

"Go flaunt the TV... go smell good with my cologne... look nice in my clothes... all replaceable| I want my military gear back, he said.

Whoever TMs responsible broke through a window to gain access through a back door.

Malagon said a cigar box, full of awards and medals for Deployment, Guard Conduct and Achievement, was taken.

A specialized bullet proof vest he wore on the front lines was snatched as well. Malagon feared it could be used for evil intentions.

"In the wrong hands... they could take rounds from the front and the back," Malagon said.

He puts the price tag for the missing goods at a few thousand dollars.

But what really counts for him is what was collected over his military journey. That he called priceless.

"If they're listening, I want my military stuff back ... no questions asked," he said.