Call 4 Action: Mission Church Burglarized Twice

It was something Father Michael Hoffman never thought he would have to experience. "You think a church would be a place where you could invite everyone in and you're always working on making it more open," said Hoffman. "Now, we had to find ways of making it more secure." Unfortunately, St. Peter and St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Mission will now have to find a away to make their sanctuary more secure. "Now we have to beef up our security around here to make sure this doesn't happen again," said Hoffman. On Christmas Eve, thieves broke into the church office and stole cash Father Michael had in his desk drawer. "We don't keep cash here--there was just a little bit here," said Hoffman. "We thought it was over." But, unfortunately, it was not the last time. The thieves went back on Christmas Day--this time they took computers and printers. "You want to trust in the goodness of people and the goodness in the children of God," said Hoffman. "It's a little disappointing that someone broke into the church on Christmas Eve." Michelle Cola, who works for the church office, said preparing for Sunday service is now a challenge. "We're use to functioning with a computer and having everything move smoothly," said Cola. "Now, to get the bulletins prepared for the Eucharist on Sunday--everything has to be prepared from scratch and recreated." As they get down to work on replacing what was lost--they are also working on making sure it does not happen again.