Call 4 Action: Mission home damaged in police chase

The truck crashed into Damian Rodriguezâ??s home

A hole in the wall and a pile of debris remain, proof an early morning chase between a man and police blew through a Mission neighborhood.

"That's the actual gas line and the water, and without this line I have no running water inside," Damian Rodriguez explained, pointing a severed gas pipe sticking out of the ground.

The truck crashed into Damian Rodriguez TMs home, knocking down his wall, his shed, and taking out his gas and water lines.

"They evacuated a couple of neighbors down the street saying that it could explode," he added.

Rodriguez wants police to clean up the damage caused during their chase, but he said it's already been a week.

"I can TMt even take a shower or anything here, he said. I have to basically move in with my parents for about a week."

Mission Police Chief Martin Garza said there are several factors they must look at before taking action.

But he added that he would set up a meeting with Rodriguez on Monday in hopes of getting everything fixed.

"It would cost from anywhere from $2500 to $3000 to get all the pipes and all the gas line and the fence and everything to the way it was, Rodriguez concluded.

Chief Garza said there are several options to get the damage repaired in those types of situations.

First, the homeowner can file a claim against the registered car owner's insurance.

Second, if an arrest is made, the homeowner can make a statement of restitution against the person arrested.

And third, the homeowner can submit a claim to the city, and if they city determines their employees were liable they will take up the costs.