Call 4 Action: Mission property flooded with shin-deep water

Maria Maregana is all too familiar with the sound of rushing water on her driveway when it rains.

"This happens just about every time it rains hard," said her son Roberto Saldivar.

Saldivar said his mother has lived in her Mission home for about 30 years.

"Every year, it's the same thing," he said. "Two or three or four times a year."

After Tuesday's storm, the water was too high for her to step out of her own home.

Maregana said sometimes the flooding gets so bad that the water rushes over to the entrance of the home, breaks the cement and causes problems to the first level of the home.

Just 3 weeks ago, that happened.

Saldivar said he's afraid of what would happen if another hurricane like Dolly would hit.

"In 2008, it flooded," he said. "It actually went into the home a little bit."

Saldivar said it's not fair that his 63-year-old mother has to live like this.

"The water does not belong to this property," said Saldivar. "It belongs to all the properties from that way that comes around and it just stays here for a while."

Homes in the back of Maregana's yard are build on a slope.

Saldivar said the slope keeps the other homes dry and floods his mom's property.

"We've been talking to the city of Mission for many years about them fixing or getting some kind of water solution here, and they have not been able to do nothing yet," said Saldivar.

He said he just hopes this Call 4 Action get's the city's attention, so that his mother won't be left under water.