Call 4 Action: Mobile Home Residents Shocked by Moving Date

Park Manager James McMahon said he feels for the families living at the park, but has no control over what the owner wants to do with the land

Cristina Garza has lived at a mobile home park off Highway 77 frontage road, near FM 1732 in Olmito, for seven years.

She's disabled after losing a kidney to cancer, but her disability check helps pay her near $300/month rent.

That's why it came as a shock when the property manager informed her she has to move out by the end of the month.

"We don TMt have the money to move, I mean it's not like we live in an apartment and we can just get everything and go, it's hard to move everything," Garza said.

Garza owns the mobile home she lives in and besides needing permits to move it across town, it would cost her over $1,000 to relocate - money she can't come up with in less than a month.

"They should at least give us six months to get the money ready because, like me, I'm disabled all I have is my social security (check), Garza said. That's all I have."

Park Manager James McMahon said he feels for the 11 families living at the park, however he has no control over what the owner of the property does with the land.

Although McMahon wouldn't specify, he said the owner wants to expand his businesses- he also owns the business plaza next to the park.

McMahon said the property owner wants the lots cleared as soon as possible, but he's doing what he can to buy his tenants some time.

"I talked to the owner about (the amount of time he TMs giving them to move out), and he's going to check into it, McMahon said. I think he's flexible on it but, yeah, they're going to have to move. It's his property and what can I do?"

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