Call 4 Action: Mobile Home Rip Off

These picturesque signs along Expressway 83 in La Feria attracted Joe and Guadalupe Aguilar into purchasing a special order mobile home where they hoped to retire.

They said the pictures of trailers shown by The Park Lady seemed to be everything they wanted and in their budget.

But they said pictures aren TMt always what they seem.

"Originally, she told us it would be four weeks, said Joe Aguilar. We came down from Edna. So we came back and she told us it would be another two weeks. Then another two weeks. And the trailer we had ordered finally arrived but it arrived damaged.

According to the inspection report provided to us by the Town of Combes, the first trailer that Joleigh Ares, also known as "The Park Girl," provided the Aguilar's, didn't have a working air conditioner.

There was damage underneath the carriage, damage to the metal frame and exterior siding.

The Aguilar's say Ms. Ares offered them another trailer.

But that one didn't pass inspection either according to reports.

"So we decided we just wanted our money back, said Aguilar. She agreed to it. We waited two weeks. We went down there this morning and she said she wanted a copy of the inspection report, said Aguilar.

Armed with two inspection reports in their hands, the Aguilar's headed to the park lady's sales office for their $7,700.00 dollar refund.

But when they arrived, Joe Aguilar says the "Park Girl" was not in.

Action 4 News spoke to Ms. Ares attorney who via statement told us that Ms. Ares needed something in writing to satisfy the manufacturer and she would refund the money as soon as she receives the requested proof of the damages.

After spending more than a month in a Harlingen motel, Mr. and Mrs. Aguilar say the whole ordeal has been a nightmare and hope to have their refund soon.

After our calls to Ms. Ares attorney, Joe and Guadalupe Aguilar were able to get their $7,700.00 refunded to them.

The Aguilar's said they are going to be very careful next time they make a purchase.