Call 4 Action: Nazi Symbols On School Project

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A Harlingen woman issued a Call 4 Action after seeing Nazi symbols on a Thanksgiving project at a Treasure Hills Elementary School.

The school is gearing up for the Thanksgiving but one parent who only wants to be identified as Lori said one piece of student artwork caught her eye on Thursday morning.

She and her boyfriend attended the school TMs student/parent breakfast.

Everything went fine but then they spotted an unusual piece of student artwork.

"My boyfriend noticed a turkey where every feather had a swastika on it and the turkey said| I am not a turkey, I am Hitler, Lori recalled.

The Harlingen mother said the turkey likeness of Hitler was posted on a bulletin board with other student artwork.

She's wondering how it got up there without anybody thinking twice.

Lori took a photo of the artwork and later called Action 4 News.

"Actually, I'm not amused at all, the Harlingen woman said. I was very offended. Promoting hate at a school is probably something we shouldn't do and I don't feel my children should be a part of.

The artwork was taken down after Lori complained to the school TMs principal Linda Krabill.

Action 4 News went to talk Krabill to see how and why the turkey Hitler got posted.

She referred all comment to school district leaders

Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District Superintendent Steve Flores told Action 4 news that there was no malice intended in the project.

Flores said students at the school's fifth grade class were reading a book named "Number The Stars.

The Lois Lowry novel is about the Nazi occupation of Denmark.

Flores said the student read the book and that he understands how the casual passerby might get the wrong impression.

Lori said teachers should have known better to post it.

"I don't feel it's something appropriate for a school to have posted on their school bulletin board, she said. I think the teacher definitely should have noticed that and not stapled that up there.

Superintendent Flores stressed that the student and the school did not mean to offend anyone.

He's said no discipline is needed in the case but promised Action 4 News more sensitivity training in the future.

It TMs a teachable moment with regard to cultural sensitivity, Flores said.