Call 4 Action: Need For Food in Valley

It is an issue that has grown over the years.

Imagine going to bed without a decent meal in your stomach.

Now|imagine doing that every night.

That is exactly what thousands of kids across the nation do, even those right here in the Rio Grande Valley.

You can see the difference between a nourished and undernourished child, said Food Bank RGV fund drive manager, Carter Robinson.

Statistics show that, in the Nation, 1 in 10 children go hungry.

In Texas those numbers are 1 in 5 and in the Valley 50 percent of children go without food every night.

Robinson, who was a school teacher before joining the food bank, said he saw children deal with issues, like hunger, on a daily basis and it was difficult.

"I had a little boy and I'll never forget this little boy, said Robinson. He could eat his french fries like it was going off the market and probably suck down the coke in one breath but he'd only two or three bites of his hamburger and put it in his back pack. I thought it was because he didn't want to perform on a full stomach."

But that was not what was going on, Robinson said he was taking the food to his sister.

"He was taking it home to his little sister to make sure she had food over the weekend too, said Robinson. That is a young man decision, not a little boy decision. That's what the youth of the Valley is facing and they understand it at a young age what hunger is."

And that is something, Robinson said, shouldn TMt happen.

The Valley is one of the most impoverished areas in the Nation.

Robinson said last year they gave out about 63,000 meals a week and this year that number jumped to 90,000.

He said a better way to look at these numbers is to pretend you are taking the entire city of Edinburg to dinner, every night, for a year, that TMs how many meals they give out.

Robinson said, while the food bank has food to give, it won TMt last forever.

Human nature is|well the other guy will do this, said Robinson. Right now everybody needs to be the other guy. Last year if I got in 10 cans of food I gave out 10 cans of food. Now I TMm getting 8 cans of food and giving out 12|you can only do that for so long.

If you want to give you can drop food off to the Food Bank Rio Grande Valley at 2601 West Zinnia or call them at (956) 682-8101.

You can also visit their website at Food Bank RGV