Call 4 Action: No Furniture Delivered

Cindy Jimenez comes home every night to a half empty room.

"All we have is the mattresses and the rails," said Jimenez. "We were supposed to get the headboard, the footboard, the dresser, the mirror, the chest and nightstand, but we haven't received anything."

Jimenez said on President's Day, she and her husband went to Furniture Factory Warehouse and purchased a bedroom set.

She said they paid it up front with their income tax return.

"We were looking forward to having the furniture and now we are losing out on the furniture as well as the money," said Jimenez.

They bought the furniture in February and all that was delivered was a mattress and rails.

The rest of the set is worth $1,500 dollars.

She said since they never delivered the rest of the furniture, she and her husband asked for a refund a month and a half ago.

"And nothing, we haven't received anything yet," said Jimenez.

Jimenez wants to know what the hold up.

"We are trying our best to get these things out as quickly as we can," said Furniture Factory Warehouse operations manager Gilbert Whitt.

The operations manager tells Action 4 News it's a money problem.

"Right now we're currently in a time of financial stress, and we are currently working with our lenders to find a way to either fill customer orders or give them a complete refund," said Whitt.

But Jimenez said that's no excuse.

"We paid cash up front," said Jimenez. "We didn't hesitate to do that, and how come they can't just come back and give us what we need?"

Action 4 News asked the manager where that money went.

"I don't have the exact answer as to where exactly that went to if they went to pass due bills or what," said Whitt.

But he insists that the company will come up with a refund for Jimenez and others in that situation.

For anyone else in a similar situation, call the furniture store's customer service line: (210) 829-4057.