Call 4 Action: Obtaining Birth Certificates

The City of Brownsville may be millions of dollars in the red but according to Sylvia Degollado birth certificate records may be the way of getting themselves out of the hole.

I would understand them charging a fee for searching a record but a decent fee, you know, because right now the economy is not like just to be giving you $24 away said Degollado.

Degollado claims that when she submitted her birth certificate application to city records they informed her they would charge her whether they found it or not.

Since she was born in the early seventies the city told Degollado they might have problems finding it.In which case she would have to go and search through county records and possibly even the state costing her $24 each search.

Doubtful and skeptical she paid the fee and adds she was lucky that they actually found it.

In this case they found my birth certificate but if they wouldn't of found it they would of kept my money and I would've had to go somewhere else and pay another $24 said Degollado.

Degollado tells Action 4 News the approach is wrong and worries others who may not remember specific details in the application may end up wasting their money on costly searches.

They are going to lose their money it TMs just money we are going to give the City of Brownsville, explained Degollado.

Action 4 News spoke to the Brownsville City Secretary about the fee who told us it is a state required fee per search.

Meanwhile we also spoke to neighboring city Harlingen who tells us they offer a complimentary free search the first time.